Inspired By The Outdoors

Modern Spirits with a Sense of History

From our 100-year-old building in Historic Downtown Salida to our original 1880’s German Pot Still “Ashley” (one of the worlds oldest stills currently in use) history is everywhere at Wood’s.

Our spirits, however, are definitely modern. With unique blends of malted grains including malted rye and specialty barley malts, contemporary gin recipes and high-altitude maturation we are definitely doing things differently.

Wood's High Mountain Disitllery Original Still Ashley
Wood's Tasting Room

Salida Tasting Room

Visit us daily to experience the distillery and soak in the environment through tasting flights, incredible cocktails by our cocktail wizard Taylor “Gingi” Howell, and occasional live music. 

See what the Travel Channel called one of “America’s best bars found in unexpected places”.

Locally Sourced Grains

We source our grains and potatoes (except for our cherrywood smoked malt but we were working on it) locally from the San Luis Valley.

At an average altitude of 7600 ft., the Valley farmers grow barley, wheat, rye and potato varieties that thrive in the Valley’s dry climate and short summers. They also  help our spirits to truly represent the High Mountains of Colorado. 

San Luis Valley