Dawn Patrol Single Malt Whiskey

This is a special whiskey named for hard-core skiers who are up before dawn to snag powder lines while others sleep. This whiskey, which honors those intrepid skiers (oh yeah – and British WWI Flying Aces), started out as an experiment with cherry-wood smoked malt barley. We wanted to see what would happen if we made a whiskey with a significant percentage of cherry-wood smoked barley (in this case 45%) and the balance of two-row malted barley.

We age it for five years in #3 new American oak and with the magic of the high-altitude Colorado climate we  produce a rich, fully mature spirit that stands up to the legacy of early-morning ski mountaineers and WWI fighter pilots alike. Dawn Patrol, like all our whiskies, is a big whiskey that is bursting with leather, smoke, chocolate and baking spices. It’s wonderfully balanced and the finish goes forever.

This Limited Release typically consists of only 250 bottles per release. It is  only available in the Salida Tasting Room or for online orders. Wider distribution is planned for mid-2024.


55% two-row malted barley
45% Cherrywood smoked malted barley
Aged 5 years in #3-charred New American Oak
49% ABV

Dawn Patrol Colorado Single Malt Whiskey