The Tasting Room in Salida is open only for bottle purchases until it's safe to open up the tasting room.

Enjoy Your Favorite Spirit from your home bar!

By Order of the Colorado Governor we are open only for bottle purchases to be consumed off premise. Please come in and snag a bottle – we’ll share cocktail recipes if you need them. Also, we are asking for $5/bottle to go into a fund for the bartender staff to help them while we’re under forced closure. Until the full tasting room is open all bottles are 10% off! Use Coupon Code TR10 for Online Tasting Room Orders.

In Colorado


In the great state of Colorado your best bet is Drizly.com.

In Illinois


Shipping Craft Spirits to Illinois

Available in Illinois with SpiritHub!

In California and ~30 other US states

Shots Box

Buy specific bottles or try Shot Box’s unique subscription service for monthly samples of curated craft spirits.


Tease your taste buds and find cocktail recipes
Tours Daily @ 4pm. Reservations recommended.
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