Wood's Tenderfoot American Malt Whiskey

Tenderfoot Malt Whiskey

Tenderfoot American Malt whiskey is made from three types of malt barley (including two-row plus a blend of chocolate and cherry wood malts), malt rye and malt wheat to give it balance with a hint of smoke, chocolate and a long spicy finish. It’s not a “Single Malt” since we use malted rye and malted wheat in the mashbill, rather this is a whiskey that is pioneering the return of the little-known category of Malt whiskey. This young whiskey’s age is belied by the intense effects of aging at 7089ft (2159m) in the Colorado mountains. Aged two-years in #1 Char New American oak barrels, and bottled at 45% (90 proof).

Tenderfoot Whiskey has a rating of 85 points from Whiskey Advocate, and an 89 point “highly recommended” rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute

How do we make our whiskey?

Tenderfoot is a malt whiskey made from 100% malted grains.  The mash bill is:

  • 77% malt barley, including two specialty grains: chocolate malt (6%) and cherrywood smoked malt (9%)
  • 13% malt-rye
  • 10% malt wheat

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