Sawatch American Malt Whiskey

Sawatch American Malt Whiskey, named for the 14’er filled Sawatch Mountain range that towers over Salida and stores the water that we use to make our whiskey, represents the next evolution in Wood’s whiskey offerings. Sawatch is created from our special blend of malted grains including 2-row barley, cherrywood smoked barley malt, dark chocolate barley malt, malted rye, and malted wheat. Finally, aged over 4 long years in 53-gallon new American oak barrels and bottled at 49-50.5% ABV (98-101 proof) – for a whiskey as big as the Sawatch range.

Rye spice, dark chocolate, malt, toffee, oak, vanilla, subtle smoke, tobacco, hard candy and just the right amount of heat for a 101-proof whiskey. A big bold, spicy American Malt Whiskey with a beautifully long finish.


77% Malted Barley (two-row malt, cherrywood smoked malt, chocolate malt)
13% Malted Rye
10% Malted Wheat
ABV: 51%

Wood's High Mountain Distillery Sawatch Whiskey