Easy Holiday Cocktail Recipe: The Salida Snowfall

As we glide into the holiday season, the party invitations will start arriving as your holiday plans begin to unfold. Here’s the perfect cocktail to impress your coworkers at this year’s holiday party or out-of-town guests.

The friendly and knowledgeable bartenders at our tasting room in beautiful Salida, Colorado, have crafted the Salida Snowfall for your holiday celebrations. This easy cocktail recipe tastes like snow falling over the Collegiate Peaks with a hint of the “nice list” and a tea-time twist. 

What Makes the Perfect Cocktail

The perfect cocktail generally starts with a recipe developed by Gingi and this recipe is based on her “Chekhov to Churchill” cocktail found in the tasting room.  From there use spirits are distilled with real ingredients, inspiration and collaboration. The Salida Snowfall features both our award-winning San Luis Valley Potato Vodka, distilled from potatoes locally grown 50 miles south of Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, and Treeline Barrel Rested Gin which is our Treeline Gin aged up to 24 months to flavorful perfection in American White Oak barrels. 

Holiday Cocktail Ingredients

You’ll need these ingredients to make the Salida Snow cocktail for your holiday get-together.  Feel free to scale it up to accommodate a holiday party.


Follow these steps to create a holiday cocktail your guests will remember. 

  1. Brew fireberry tea and let it cool.
  2. In a cocktail shaker combine the vodka, gin, tea,  maple syrup and bitters. 
  3. Shake well until combined (known as a “dry shake”). 
  4. Add ice and shake again. 
  5. Add a large ice cube to a Snifter or Low Ball glass and strain the cocktail into the glass. 
  6. Add rosemary sprigs for a full festive effect. 
  7. Bonus: if you have a cocktail smoker, add oak chips and smoke the glass, cover with a coaster or paper napkin and serve.
  8. Sip and cheers to the holiday season!

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