April 4, 2021 – What’s Distilling at Wood’s? Rye is Back, Beck Speaks, and a Question for You

Happy April! We have Alpine Rye available again in both the tasting room and also headed to our distributor! We’re rolling out Batch 20 and are really excited about this one. It’s a combination of 2- and 3-year-old barrels and features its signature malty, spicy characteristics, long chocolaty finish, and boldness that comes from aging at 7000 feet. As Alpine Rye gains popularity it’s been a challenge to keep it in stock, but we are also continuing to ramp up production and working hard to get caught up.

A Question for You

Nine years ago in March of 2012 we began to build out our distillery. All these years later we are still working on ways to get products into the hands of our fans. One of the things that has emerged from the pandemic are new platforms for online ordering options. Of course, with distilled spirits nothing is simple so as we navigate the labyrinth of state laws we wanted to ask you a few questions. This survey should just take a minute or two and may just help us get products to our friends where it isn’t currently available.

Quick Survey
Beck’s first Podcast Interview

We’d also like to shout out our distiller, Beck Ceron, who was featured in the Half-Pint Podcast hosted by Privateer Rum’s Maggie Campbell. It was an important discussion focused on addiction and sober life in the distilling industry. It’s an open and frank discussion on this important topic. You can listen to the conversation at the The Half Pint Podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Now for the somber news.

As you all have heard there was a shooting at the Table Mesa King Soopers in Boulder. This one has really hit home since I still live in Boulder and that grocery store is in the neighborhood where PT and I grew up in South Boulder. We have shopped at that King Soopers hundreds of times and I continue to shop there periodically when in the neighborhood. This horrific act has shocked the nation and has shattered us residents of Boulder. Sadly, this feels not so much like a one-off occurrence as much as it feels like it’s just our turn. This is madness and must stop. With rights come responsibilities and that equation is way out of balance.