Distiller’s Reserve Series Release 1

Wood’s is excited to offer a new program we’re calling “Distiller’s Reserve”. These are special barrels that P.T. Wood, co-founder and Distiller, has determined are of exceptional quality and deserve this special designation. To launch the program he has identified two barrels (15-0054f and 17-0011f) of our Alpine Rye mash bill and aged in 53-gallon #3 char new American oak barrels.  These are 6 and 7 year old barrels that we’ve blended together to make an exceptional spirit. These barrels really stand out from our already delicious Alpine Rye bottlings with a balance and integration of flavors that make it special – it’s Alpine Rye heightened. There’s something magical about distilling and maturing whiskey in Salida at over 7000′ elevation from grains sourced in the San Luis Valley and this really showcases the unique conditions in which we make our products.

An additional element that makes this release is special is that these are the last two barrels of whiskey we plan to release that were distilled on our antique German pot-still Ashley (which graces each label). Built around 1880, Ashley is one of the oldest operation stills in the country, if not the world. We originally distilled all our products on Ashley but have moved whiskey production to our newer stills: Ernie and Bert. While we no longer make whiskey on Ashley we still distill all our gins through her so she is still very much a part of our production.

The Distiller’s Reserve Alpine Rye is very limited! Only 375 bottles were made and it is currently only available at the tasting room in Salida.  Come by and try a sample – we’re confident that you’ll be as blown-away as we are with this release!


73% Malted Rye
13.5% Cherrywood Smoked Malted Barley
13.5% Chocolate Malted Barley
ABV: 50.5%

Tasting Notes: : smoky rye spice, cinnamon, caramel, orange peel, coffee, and chocolate

Price: $100