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A light at the end of the tunnel and two win-win programs.

A light at the end of the tunnel and two win-win programs.

A light at the end of the tunnel and two win-win programs.

With every passing day we are getting a little closer to light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. It’s been a little lonely around the distillery but we’ve kept busy with production of hand sanitizer, Tenderfoot Malt and Alpine Rye whiskies. I also wanted to share a couple of cool ways to help out our partners in the Colorado restaurant community and double the value of gift cards.

While the tasting room has been closed for on-site cocktails, we’ve been able to stay open for take-out and have now added cocktails to-go. Thanks to the Payroll Protection Program we are able to bring back the tasting room team, albeit not at full strength yet, and are able to expand our offerings. We’re in the process of gearing up for when we can safely throw open the doors and start spinning yarns about how things were back in the pandemic of ’20. We can’t wait to return to the wonderfully simple things in life like sitting down to a cocktail with friends in a place that feels as comfortable as home, but isn’t.

To that end, we are taking advantage of this time to put a shine onto the tasting room. When you come back, you’ll see fresh paint, everything scrubbed, spaces reorganized, and a brand-new cocktail menu. We are also restocking our inventory and are happy to announce that we have Alpine Rye available again for at the tasting room! Come on by and snag a bottle while the getting’s good (be sure to use the code TR10 for a 10% discount when ordering online).

One of the really incredible things we’ve seen through the “stay-at-home” phase of life has been how generous and creative people and organizations have been. The hospitality industry has been devastated by the closures and through that there have been some fantastic programs that have emerged to help bridge the gap with Gift Cards.

Two specific organizations we wanted to highlight are Good Business Colorado and Eat Denver. Good Business Colorado has started a program that incentivizes consumers to buy gift cards at participating vendors, including Wood’s, with a 33% bonus value for any card purchased. What that means is that if you spend $25 on a gift card you will receive a $33 credit. That’s a pretty good deal for everyone! The second program from Eat Denver called Double Down for Denver Restaurants is even more generous. For each gift purchased you will receive an equal amount from the grant fund. So if you purchase a $50 gift card you will receive a $100 credit. What’s the catch? These programs are grant-based and when the funds are gone, they’re gone – so act now!

When we look at how challenging the environment is for many of our restaurant and bar customers, we are grateful to be able to continue to sell through the tasting room and through our liquor store partners. We very much appreciate your continued support through online sales, liquor stores or pick-up for our local friends in Salida. No matter where you are it’s more critical than ever to continue to support your local businesses and we’ll all get through this together.


Lee Wood


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